Upper Kentmere Valley, photographed January, 2011, Peter Bettess
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Extract from Henry Maul, Caen, The Brutal Battle and the Break-out from Normandy , David and Charles, 1976, page 57.

The expertise of the DLI riflemen was demonstrated to Robert Mawson, of Consett, Co. Durham, then a despatch rider with the 86 Field Regt. RA.

‘It was like hell let loose and everybody was on edge. I had to relieve myself and I went into the hedgerow and saw an infantryman who said "Keep down, there is a sniper in that tree. Hold on, I will get him.” And he did; the sniper dropped like a stone. As I looked over the hedge I saw around a hundred Boche, some sitting, some lying but all dead. I asked the infantryman about them and he said “We have to make good our losses,” and he never batted an eyelid. Soon after this the chain came off my motor cycle and I was busy with it when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I nearly jumped six feet. It was a German wanting to give himself up! He even helped me with the chain. I told him to get on the back and took him several miles to a prisoner of war cage – I made sure he didn't get shot.'





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