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Comrade X, it so happens, is an old Etonian. He would be ready to die on the barricades, in theory anyway, but you notice that he still leaves the bottom waistcoat button undone. The Road to Wigan Pier.
One sometimes gets the impression that the mere words ' Socialism ' and ' Communism ' draw towards them with magnetic force every fruit-juice drinker, nudist, sandal-wearer, sex-maniac, Quaker, 'Nature Cure' quack, pacifist, and feminist in England. The Road to Wigan Pier.
The Catholic and the Communist are alike in assuming that an opponent cannot be both honest and intelligent. The Prevention of Literature.

Creeds like pacifism or anarchism, which seem on the surface to imply a complete renunciation of power, rather encourage this habit of mind. For if you have embraced a creed which appears to be free from the ordinary dirtiness of politics - a creed from which you cannot expect to draw any material advantage - surely that proves that you are in the right? And the more you are in the right the more natural that everyone else should be bullied into thinking otherwise. Selected Essays 'Lear, Tolstoy and the Fool'.

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them.
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