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commonplace book n a book in which notes, ideas, memoranda etc are jotted down Chambers Dictionary

Beachcomber of the Daily Express. I love his humour.

Biography John Masefield

Lenin 'A lie told often enough becomes the truth.'
James R. Newman, The World of Mathematics, An amazing library of mathematical texts, starting from the Rhind Papyrus of the Ancient Egyptians, and carrying on to the latest mathematical developments, including Gödel's Theorem. And on the way diversions to topology, via the seven bridges of Konigsberg, the Lanchester equations, and the humour of Stephen Leacock on Mathematics for Golfers.

George Orwell quotes

Peter Simple, who wrote the Way of the World column in the Daily Telegraph, which was the pseudonym, of Michael Wharton, with his grotesque gallery of characters, including the Reverend Spacely-Trellis, surely a stereotype for the current Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, or as Private Eye call him, Oilwellby.

Dr Spacely-Trellis progressive Bishop of Bevindon in the Stretchford Conurbation, where his domestic chaplain is the mischief-making Rev. Peter Nordwestdeutscher (a parody of Anglican peace activist Paul Oestreicher). He is almost always referred to as 'the go-ahead Bishop of Bevindon'. Anticipated and strongly resembles David Jenkins, Richard Harries , Rowan Williams and many other Anglican clerics.

My favourite is probably:

  • Dr Heinz Kiosk A psychoanalyst and rentaquote pundit who, at every manifestation of anti-social behavior, is ready to deflect responsibility from the individual perpetrator and onto society as a whole; as reflected in his catchphrase "We are all guilty!" [ 3 ]


Translating English Meanings
The difference between what English people say and mean and what foreign people think they mean|

Tommy Cooper: 'I'm on a whisky diet. Last week I lost three days.'




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