Parking at Brow Head, Kentmere
In the snow

Parking at Brow Head, Kentmere, Cumbria, LA8 9JL

Brow Head, Kentmere, Cumbria, LA8 9JL, U.K.

Pete & Jackie Bettess, Brow Head, Kentmere, Cumbria LA8 9JL

Telephone 01539 822 977 Map ref: NY 457 043

Parking in Kentmere is very difficult, with few spaces which are filled early in the morning.
We are prepared to offer parking at Brow Head, provided we do not have visitors.
To find if parking is available, email, or use the telephone number above.

We welcome contributions to the Kentmere First Responders from people who park.

Directions to get to Brow Head

There is parking for at least 5 cars, more if they are able to block each other in.


Parking at Brow Head, looking towards Green Quarter

Parking at Brow Head looking towards garage



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